Adult Companies Are Pivoting to Non-Adult Content

Well, the current image of the adult industry is threatening to steal or at least share in the hype Netflix and Hulu have been boasting of? While startups are still struggling to secure adult merchant accounts, the industry bigwigs have bigger worries.

In early June, Netflix’s banned Sense8, a move that stirred furious reactions onthe internet. Many loved the series for what it was — a drama-packed film exploring eight individuals (The Wachowski siblings) linked by aninfluential mental bond. It explored sexual, gender, and racialthemes in the ever-conservative media backdrop. Then all of a sudden, Netflix ripped it away from the fans putting it to an end.

Soon after, in mid august, a different media company offered the cast another chance on their platform, farmore than Netflix’s two-hour finale they dropped to cool down fans after a month of pressure, which didn’t even serve its purpose.  Instead, fans laughed it off. Perhaps because the company that offered Sense8 a deal isone of the top premier porn tube companies—xHamster.

Alex Hawkins, the vice president xHamster wrote to the Wachowskis offering them a chance to discuss a deal. It was easy to turn down this offeras it looked more like a publicity stunt— just like when xHamster called upon Sean Spicer to join them whenhe left White House. But Hawkins recently explained that this offer wasn’t an attention-grabber as viewed by many. He furtherexplained that xHamster has long planned to venture into producing original mainstream content. “Last year, we produced Sex Factor, which did so well,” said Hawkins who also claims many other adult sites have been looking to produce content thatborder porn and cinema.

Pornhub’s Vice President Core Price also agreed that they wouldn’t hesitate diving into mainstream film if the slightest opportunity presented itself. Hawkins added that we are fast moving from an where a few major public corporations ran the show to a world one where any company with a public following can produce original content and benefit from it.


We can tell that what looked like a joke in Augustis now a sticking point. Could porn studios branch out to production or at least distribution of original mainstream content? Who knows? Maybe.

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